Bathroom Plumbing

It’s hard to imagine that just a few generations ago, people didn’t have access to all of the conveniences now afforded us by modern indoor plumbing. Today we often take for granted bathroom plumbing in particular, but we use our bathroom fixtures several times throughout the day, every day. This heavy usage can eventually lead to issues that will need to be addressed by a professional plumber. And because you will continue using them long after your plumber leaves, you want to make sure any installations or repairs were completed correctly.

When you need work done on your bathroom plumbing you need to call a company known for their experience and skills. Hard Hat Rooter Plumbing provides a full range of bathroom plumbing services – from unclogging stopped toilets to removing old fixtures and replacing aged pipes and fittings.

Bathroom Plumbing Problems

More than anywhere else in the home, your bathroom is prone to plumbing issues. Stopped up sinks, cracked tiles, clogged toilets, and leaking traps occur on a regular basis, especially in bathrooms that get used by multiple people on a daily basis. The following are among the more common bathroom plumbing problems you might encounter:

  • Running Toilet – A running toilet is frequently caused by a cracked or broken seal in the tank. This can sometimes be fixed by the homeowner, but it’s still a good idea to call a professional to make sure it gets fixed right.
  • Clogged Toilet – Most clogs, whether in the toilet or the sink or bathtub, are a result of buildup or blockage in the trap and can be fixed with a plunger. However, in some cases, the clog might be deeper in the drain or in a separate pipe entirely. If traditional methods of clog removal don’t work, it’s time to call a plumber. Avoid chemicals whenever possible.
  • Cracked Tiles – A cracked tile or missing caulk around your bathtub might seem like a simple annoyance, but it can result in a major leak. Especially if your bathroom is on an upper floor, you should have cracked tiles inspected and fixed immediately to avoid rotting in the floorboards or leaks going through to the ceiling below.
  • Water Pressure – Low water pressure can be due to sediment build up in the faucet or your shower head or it can be caused by scale and mineral build up in the incoming pipes. A quick cleaning and inspection should take care of any problems before they get out of hand.

Bathroom Fixture Installation & Replacement

When installing a new fixture in a remodeled bathroom or replacing an existing fixture with a more energy efficient alternative, make sure to call a professional. Whether it’s a low flow toilet, a low flow shower head, or a brand new sink designed to match your home’s décor, it’s important to invest carefully for longevity and reliability, and to make sure all components are installed by an experienced plumber.

If you live in the Los Angeles County area and need a bathroom plumber, look no further than Hard Hat Rooter. From inspection and new fixture installation, to regular maintenance and emergency repairs, our technicians have the training and skills needed to complete any job.

Call us today for quick and professional bathroom plumbing service.