Our History

A message from Hard Hat Plumbing owner, Ralph:

Hello to all of my customers and to all of my prospective customers. My name is Ralph and I am the CEO of Hard Hat Plumbing. I’d like to take the time to introduce myself in hopes of giving you a better understanding of myself, as well as my company. I have been a part of my family’s plumbing business for the past fifteen years. I started as a technician, familiarizing myself with everything needed to become an exceptional plumber as well as an exceptional customer service provider. Gradually, I became an involved in helping to manage the company business alongside my father but I never faltered in my position as a technician. Working with customers one on one has always been a rewarding aspect in my career and although I soon became manager of the family business, I always made sure to be available to all our customers 24/7. With the knowledge I have retained for the past fifteen years, both working in the field and as an administrator, I am confident in my abilities to provide exceptional service to each and every one of my customers. I personally I give you my guarantee that you will be happily satisfied with all the services provided by the exceptional team I have put together. I will always be on call for all my customers, for any reason, 24/7. We will restore your home back to your greatest satisfaction. Your satisfaction is our aspiration.

CEO / Founder of Hard Hat Plumbing